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Guardian Love- Jonathan Draper

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*sigh* there are almost no word out there to even begin to describe how amazing this man truly is. He is truly magnificent and to help all of you understand why I feel this way, here is a list of some of the main reasons.

1) Handsome
2) Sarcastic
3) Protective
4) Caring
5) Deadly
6) Intelligent
7) Guardian/Mentor
8) Secretive
9) French
10) Artistic

"He's wearing all black- a black suit with simple, elegant lines, a black dress shirt, black shoes. He has dark eye, a dark complexion, jet-black hair."

"His eyes, exactly shade of hot cocoa.

"Yes, you are quite the hottie", I say so smiling "for and old guy"

Jonathan is quite a looker, well according to the book anyways :). He pretty much has everything going for him. Chivalry which in it's self is a great quality to have, he's also very well mannered and plus come on tall, dark, mysterious and handsome...yup he's the total package ;)

"When do you think you'll be back to your normal badass self? He looks amused. "I hadn't realized that my ass was so unpleasant , before." "It's an expression that means...." "Of course I know , I'm not a complete fossil.

"Me?" He pretends to look shocked. "No I wouldn't dream of tampering with my God-giving good looks."

Oh man *shakes head and bursts out laughing* he is so sarcastic, especially in the moments you wouldn't think would be appropriate. I honestly think this is one of the biggest reason why I adore him so much. He can always find some sort of lightness when everything seems bleak and hopeless ( no pun intended honest :p)

“I’ll be back shortly. Incidentally, you’ll be perfectly safe in here. Custom one-way bulletproof glass. Reinforced and embedded with aluminum oxynitride. And anyone who tries to break into the car will be hit with an electric shock much more powerful than a taser.”

“He whips around and glares at me so fiercely that whatever I was about to say disintegrates in my throat. “Hope, sacrificing yourself like that for me was reckless. Bordering unforgivable. You cannot try to influence my Fate. I am a guardian, here for one purpose only. Your life is on a different path than mine. What’s more, when Gabriel realizes that you’ve escaped, the first thing he’ll do is move the other girls to a place that we won’t be able to find, or maybe even kill them. I don’t know exactly where his other den is, and he’ll certainly do one of these two things before we’re able to find it.”

“Jonathan looks at him blankly, not reacting in the slightest to the name Troy had called me. “We will get her exactly the type of help that she needs.” He leans over and effortlessly scoops me up in his arms.”

*Sigh and swoons* He's very protective of the people he truly cares about and well of course being a guardian he's protective over human souls. He's not over bearing when it comes to being protective, he's very sweet about it.


"I'm supposed to save YOU", he whispers. I've never seen him like this before. I suddenly see the five hundred year old guardian as the teenager that he once was."

"Stay strong, cleaver girl" His fingertips caress my cheek and he kisses my forehead with soft cool lips."

He may not show his caring side all the time but he always has everyone best interest at heat and that's very endearing if you ask me. But when his caring side does come out, it will really make you want to hug the crap out of him :)


"He pulls back his lips in an ancient, feral smile that gives me the chills. There's definite bloodlust in his eyes."

"More than ever, Jonathan's movements remind me of a wild animal, lithe and graceful and full of power."

"His eyes are aglow with power - he's measuring souls.

 He is a pure force to be reckoned with, definitely someone you don't want to get on his bad side, especially if you are a demon then you don't stand a chance.


He's very savvy when it comes to facts and battle strategies. He's someone you can rely on to think quick but be smart about it. He looks at every angle of a situation and pick what course is the safest and the best plan of action.

"Guardians live so long and usually only make brief contact with members of the human race. We usually don't develop attachments to anyone human. I made an exception in you."

"He emits the Most powerful light I've ever seen. I know that it's not real, but it actually blinds me for a split second."

“He hesitates for only a second. “I used to be able to tap into souls. Not like a demon, not to incorporate it into my own. But I could probe into small, manipulate its energy, use it to alter states of mind and bend the of its owner.” He sees the look on my face before I can throw up a mask and adds, “It’s how I was able to save my wife’s soul when it had been ravaged, by releasing my own soul’s energy and giving it to her”. 
" There is nothing typical about me." Jonathan shoots back

He's not your typical "guardian" he likes to break the rules and step off the beat and path. Clearly when he decided to help mentor a demon aka Micah he was going against his better judgment and his very nature.

"He's looking at me warmly, which reminds me of what Raleigh said about it being unusual for guardians to be friends with humans."

He might tell Hope most thing about guardians and what ever information he has on demons but when it comes to himself he's pretty secretive. This almost makes him hotter :p makes you want to unravel him bit by bit. Mysterious is very in apparently with girls, it is with me.

"His voice has a certain kind of charisma to it now, and I pick up the slightest hint of an accent, one I can't quite place."

"Relax, ma chérie. We still have plenty of time"

"For my wife, ma trésor."

Jonathan was born in Amiens, Champagne, France. He may not have a strong accent anymore but even having a slight one is a pretty attractive quality. Maybe that's was he's so charming :)

"His living room is almost like a mini-art gallery - the walls are painted a dark red and display lots of photographs in beautiful frames."

"The artist's name on the placard is listed simply as "Draper"."

*Grin* who doesn't love a man who has an artistic eye. He's been artsy all his (500+) years of live so he's really good at it. He owns his own art gallery and can spot a great piece of art a mile away. Photography is a really big part of his live and that's really fascinating seeing as he even finds time for that with his other "job".

There is so much more that can be said about him, he's truly one of a kind, a unique soul you can say :). There are so many different sides to him but all of them are equally great! His darkness is one of the many reasons I was drawn to him, he's good don't get me wrong but he does have a darker side to him. He's proper and old fashion but that's one of the aspects I admire most about him (wish guys were really like that). He's charming in every sense of the word, I hope this post has opened up your eyes to a truly wonderful book guy :)

may your hearts be forever melted thanks to this French man ;)



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