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Interview with the dashing Jonathan Draper

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*squeal* alright peeps we had the great honor of interviewing Jonathan Draper from the ever amazing book Mythology by Helen Boswell.
Welcome Jonathan thanks you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come have a chat with Jazzy and I, please sit where ever you’d like.
Thank you, my dears. My schedule may indeed be busy, but I am quite glad to have the break and spend time with both of you. *sits between you both*
Meg-*looks at you excitedly and clears throat* Alright for your first question, what’s it like to be immortal and do you ever get bored of it?
Immortality is like being frozen in time with the world continuing to move around you. I refuse to let myself succumb to boredom, though. With the world continuing to move, I take advantage of learning new things and have spent my fair share of time attending various universities… though I do tend to be a bit picky about what classes I take and what new developments I accept.  You won’t find me majoring in computer science… Bring on the jokes. *winks*
Jazzy- *Laughing*Alright Jonathan give it up who’s your plastic surgeon…but with all joking aside what is it that you miss most about being human and why?
Oh, it has been so many years that I cannot remember specifics of what it was like to feel human. But if I was forced to choose one thing, I would say that I miss the connections that I had with certain humans. Believe it or not, I actually had quite a few friends back in the old days. And a wife, as you know. And a daughter.
Meg-*grins* alright mister artsy over there seeing as you own an art gallery and all have you always been artistic?
Not always, no. I see you look surprised, but I did not develop the appreciation for art until I began contemplating my own immortality. I enjoy capturing people in time, just as I am captured in this moment of my youth… *clears throat* no joking about the “youth” part.  
Jazzy- So seeing as you speak both English and French are there any other languages that you know? If so what are they?
I am fairly fluent in most European languages and have a rudimentary ability to communicate in Japanese and Chinese.
Meg- So Jonathan seeing as you aren’t big on the modern times, especially the technical aspects of it, is there anything from this century you do like?
Now, I realize you are poking fun of me a little, my dear. While it is true that I despise most modern modes of communication, this is merely because I find them to be impersonal. However, I do believe you are forgetting about my state-of-the-art car, and I cannot even remember how many songs I currently have on my MP3 player. Give the old guy some credit, shall we? *chuckle*
Jazzy-*looks at you seriously* If you could go back in time and change on thing what would it be and why?
I would change one specific event that occurred just after my transformation to guardian, but I am afraid that I cannot elaborate on one that is. *dodges the glares* I do apologize, but my author needs you to wait for book three for me to disclose this information.
Meg- *giggles and blushes* okay really embarrassing question but we are curious about this, seeing as you are sort of the “undead” can you still produce offspring?
Ah, your questions are becoming more bold, are they not? Guardians may not produce offspring, at least that’s how the theory goes. But considering that we live forever, this is probably a good thing for the overpopulation issues currently in the world.
Jazzy- We all know you are protective over Hope *gives you a funny look* but has there ever been any other humans you have felt this protective over or this close to?
*gives you an equally funny look* I am sorry that I cannot tell you why during this interview, but I do have a very good reason of why I am protective of Hope…  And yes, there was one other human who I felt this protective over, but she was only mortal after all.
Meg- *grinning like a fool* so Jonathan *bats eyelashes* is there anything top secret you can tell us about yourself? We promise to take it to the grave with us *crosses heart*
Now, my dears, while I do fail to understand the significance of such things like blogging and social media, I am not so naïve about the internet to think that anything that I tell you during this interview shall remain top secret. *smiles and crosses arms*
Jazzy- Now we all know you are a guardian angel of sorts but what makes you scream like a little girl?*raises eyebrow and laughs* what are you afraid of?
*laughs* I beg your pardon? Would you think me an arrogant ass for me to say that I am afraid of commitment? To clarify, I had to cope with outliving everyone I loved once already, and I honestly have no desire to go through that again.
Meg- Seeing as you are old and everything and I’m not sure if you can remember this far back *bursts out laughing* I kid I kid *wipes tears* what was your first demon hunt like?
Ah, the old jokes never get old, do they?.... I remember it vividly. It was in Amiens (my place of birth), and there was much bloodshed. I did not realize until later that I could have destroyed the demon solely with my powers and minus the bloodshed. *smiles in remembrance* Still, it was a good hunt.
And now from the both of us and all the other lovely Jonathan fans out there boxers or briefs?
Oh, dear lord. Is nothing sacred? Boxer briefs.
Thank you so much for coming today it was lots of fun *smiles brightly* we truly appreciated it.
Meg- *hugs you* thank Jonathan, it was nice seeing you
Jazzy- *smiles* yes thank you for coming
*bows and kisses each of your hands* It was indeed my pleasure. I shall see you again in the pages very, very soon. I do hope you enjoy reading MYTHOLOGY: THE WICKED. Oh, and I do apologize in advance for my behavior. *grins mischievously*
*sigh* mister secretive is clearly not letting anything slip :p well we tried the best we could to crack some info out of him :) we hope all of you enjoyed this interview xo


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