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Indie-Credible Blog Tour Featuring J. Elizabeth Hill

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Author Bio:

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Julie Elizabeth Hill exported herself to Vancouver, British Columbia after many years of staring longingly at the map following every snowfall. For as long as she can remember, she's been making up stories, but it wasn't until high school that someone suggested writing them down. Since then, she's been hopelessly in love with story crafting, often forgetting about everything else in the process.

J. Elizabeth Hill is indie-credible for the simple fact that she is a very talented lady. She pushes the bounds of the magical world that we are used to reading about. She puts a new spin to it, her own stamp, a little piece of herself. She gives hope that even Canadians can get their writing out there (yes one of us admins are Canadian). Not only is she a talented person but she's also quite funny, you could be having the oddest of conversations on twitter and she will throw in her witty two cents :p. She's a bright individual who is able to invoke inspiration and determination. She's a strong independent person who pushes through difficulties to make it to her end goal. She's always there if you need advice, especially when it comes to the literary world . She's very sweet, passionate and caring, we see great potential to do many more wonderful things in life especially with her words. To us she is simply an amazingly talented author who we have had the honor of befriending.    

Beautifully inventive
Outrageously creative
Uniquely different  
Notoriously spellbinding
Deliciously addictive

(fan art by Megan E)
Sorry everyone but you may have to pause to read some of the writing because it goes to fast. Again so sorry for the inconvenience, we tried our very best xoxo
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