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Perfect Ruin-review

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Author: Lauren DeStefano
published: October 1st 2013
Series: Internment Chronicles Book 1
Book Blurb:
On the floating city of Internment, you can be anything you dream, unless you approach the edge. Morgan Stockhour knows getting too close can lead to madness, like her older brother Len, a Jumper. She takes solace in her best friend Pen, and in Basil, the boy she’s engaged to marry. When she investigates the first murder in a generation, she meets Judas. The suspect was betrothed to the victim, but Morgan believes he is innocent. Nothing can prepare Morgan for the secrets she will find – or whom she will lose.
I was given the opportunity to read the first 10 chapters of this story on Pules It and it completely blew me away within the first few chapters. This story is like nothing else I've ever read. It's compelling, enthralling and enchanting. Could you imagine a city floating above our heads and we are completely unaware of it. This book is a little poetic when I truly think about it, it only proves to us that we are never truly content with what we have especially when something wonderful is just out of reach.
This is a whole new taste on what we believe in, God's and what we all think they are capable of. Not only does it take a new spin on that but it also shows us how no matter what love really matters, that even when there are hard times never lose your faith and that yes there are always dangers right around the corner but you must face them.
It also proves to us that even in a floating city above there is a sort of law and unjustness and a crazy dictator just like the ones in our history books. No matter what you can never truly escape the craziness but you can make a small difference and fight to make a change. Nothing is every really out of reach if you are willing to fight for it.
Her characters are so realistic, so tangible is as if they are your friends and you are with them every step of the way. You can easily identify with Pen or Morgan, you can see them in yourself or in someone close to you. I loved their friendship, it wasn't perfect but it was real, I also loved the boys Judas, Basil and Thomas. Judas for his mysteriousness and snide comments/intelligence, Basil for his undivided love and compassion/strength, Thomas for his silliness and his capacity to love even when it isn't always requited, he never gives up :).
I loved Lex's and Morgan's sibling relationship, it's so much like my own it makes me smile. No matter what the older brother loves his little sister even if he doesn't always like to show it. Alice Lex's wife is so strong and someone you'd look up to, she is one of my favourite characters in this book.  
Lauren did a fantastic job with this story and can't wait to see what will happen in the next book, I definitely give it 10 out of 5 stars ;) because of it originality and amazingness that sucks you right in.
(floating city in Skyward Sword)
I kept picturing this game as I read the book
I pictured the jumpers trying to do this too as I read.


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