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Blog Tour!!: Once Upon a Hero by C.N. Bird,Samantha Holt,Lily Magee, Em Taylor, Excerpt + GIVEAWAY!!!!!

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Title – Once Upon a Hero  

Author – C.N. Bird, Samantha Holt, Lily Magee, Em Taylor  

Genre – Historical Romance  

Publication Date – 1st February 2014  

Length (Pages/# Words) – 50,000 words  

Publisher – Indie  

Cover Artist – Samantha Holt

Once upon a hero boxset 


Four tales of love throughout history.

Pompeii by C.N. Bird 69 A.D. Following the loss of her father and her mother years later, Hadriana is saved from a life of prostitution by her closest friend Victus. Through rebuilding and many loves, one night finds them unable to resist their feelings for one another any longer. With their new found affection and moving forward in their lives, the city of Pompeii seemingly doesn’t have a happy ending in store.

Hunting His Highland Lass by Samantha Holt Scotland, 1292 Rory MacPherson has returned home to find his castle overrun by the English and his timid wife missing. So when he hears of her tales of bravery, he’s just a little surprised. But his main concern is whether she is still alive or has been captured. Upon discovering her intention to run to her father’s and to leave their affectionless marriage for good, Rory realises just how much sweet Isla means to him. Can the warrior get past his fears of being too rough for her?

Though fear of capture drove Isla out, it’s the fear of returning to her marriage that keeps her travelling across the unforgiving Highlands. Not that doesn’t care for her husband, but she can no longer bear desiring a man who clearly doesn’t want her. Believing that he must be sharing his bed with another lass, Isla plans to beg her father for refuge from the English…and her husband. But the journey is dangerous and Rory is a determined man. Will he even let her go?

A Love Remembered by Em Taylor England, 1811 When Lord Benedict Mallory is lost at sea while fighting in His Majesty's Navy, Lady Cassandra Strong knows her happy ever after with the handsome duke's son will never be. That is until she spots her friend's footman. He bears a striking resemblance to the Lord who was presumed drowned.

A chance encounter with the newly restored Earl leaves Cassy with no option but to marry Lord Benedict. Can they overcome his loss of memory and forge a marriage for themselves?

An Honourable Enemy by Lily Magee Russia, 1812 War has been kind to Capitaine Amaury de Poitiers. With every victory over the Russians, Napoleon’s Grande Army brings ever greater glory to France. Highly regarded by both his superiors and his men, his career looks set to soar.

When he is tasked with guarding a prisoner of war critical to the war effort, an archduchess no less, Amaury finds himself enchanted by her. The only surviving member of her family, the proud Katinka of Viasma is overwhelmed by grief and the desire for revenge upon the French for her family’s death. Despite her initial hostility, Amaury finds himself becoming ever more drawn to this feisty, angry yet fragile young woman and is overcome by the need to protect her. Katinka in turn finds herself confused by her increasing attraction to the witty, chivalrous capitaine who refuses to give up on her despite her temper.

Their longing for each other is undeniable but both of them know that the barriers between them are great. Amaury finds himself torn between his mission, his love and his honour. Katinka is a noblewoman and he is but a common soldier. To be together could cost Katinka everything.

Can Amaury and Katinka ever overcome the barriers of war and class that separate them?

A Love Remembered by Em Taylor
Ben sat on a stool on the kitchen table as Cassy none too gently tended to his wounds. He had dreamt about a woman who looked just like her. Had it been Lady Cassandra Strong? Had his dreams been trying to remind him of who he really was?
He felt comfortable in the large, dark kitchen, surrounded by the smell of baking bread, the clang of pots and the whispered conversations of the maids. The cook surreptitiously watched the young lord and lady as Cassy dipped a clean rag in water and pressed it against his eye.
God’s teeth, he should not be sitting in this position, his thighs apart and her standing primly between them. Every time he looked down, he could see the steady rise and fall of her ample bosom, made even more ample by the empire waistline and stays that she wore. The thin muslin gown did nothing to quash the heat of her and he felt himself harden in his breeches, despite the pain in his eye caused by her inept nursing skills.
Did every young gentleman on the Ton lust after the ladies in such a manner? Her rose petal lips pursed slightly as she studied him. That did not help matters. Any decent fellow would, at worst, be imagining kissing those lips. In his fevered imagination, that delicate mouth was wrapped around…
“Yes, well,” he said, jumping to his feet and causing her to step back in alarm. “I thank you for everything but I must be on my way.” Damn, the girl. Why could she not have worn a fischu?
“Lord Sefdom!” Was she breathless? Was she discomfited by his closeness? His palms itched to close around her breasts. He flexed his fingers and side-stepped her. “Of course. I should ask the cook at Apringdon House for a steak to put on your eye if I were you. It will bring down the swelling.” He nodded curtly. He knew of some other swelling he would prefer not to be present. He clasped his hands in front of his breeches.
“Please God, tell me it is not true.” A woman’s voice, which came from behind the kitchen door, rang through the room.
“Her ladyship,” whispered the cook and the maids lined up. Ben turned towards the entrance to the kitchen, as did Cassy. The butler entered first and held the door open as an older woman in a dark blue gown and an older version of Cassy’s face swept regally in.
“Cassy!” she admonished. “What the devil are you doing? You have been seen sneaking around the lane with a gentleman in tow. And I see it is true.”


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