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Blog Tour: The Seer by Ariel MacArran (Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!!!)

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Title: The Seer 
  Author: Ariel MacArran
  Publisher: Here Be Dragons 
  Publication Date: February 19, 2014 
  Genre: Science Fiction Romance 18+ 
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Discovery means death but Arissa risks everything to save Fleet officer Jolar's life. Repaying this telepath means saving her from execution and Jolar strikes a bargain that will spare her life. In return, Arissa must join him on a dangerous mission and use her telepathic abilities to help him uncover hidden forces that threaten the Tellaran Realm. Jolar will do whatever it takes to clear his life debt to Arissa. The only thing he absolutely cannot let himself do is fall in love with her . . . Note: The Seer is a stand-alone novel but it takes place in a universe (The Tellaran Realm) where one already published book (Stardancer) takes place.  

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 Excerpt from The Seer
Jolar reached into his pocket and pulled out an ID scanner. "Come here."
Arissa recoiled instinctively. "What's that for? You already have my scan."
"Here's the first rule if you want to live, Arissa. You do what I tell you when I tell you,” he bit out. “Come here."
She took a few reluctant steps closer, watching him warily.
He held the scanner up near her eye and caught her chin before she could turn away. "Don't flinch. It's a simple ID scan. People do it everyday, several times a day. It doesn't hurt and no one is afraid of them."
Arissa willed herself not to move as he flashed the red light in her eye.
He glanced at the reading. He turned the scanner so she could see the display.
She blinked. It was her face, her as she was now, not a little girl's face. No black stripe above her image reading 'deceased'.
"Legan, Arissa?” she breathed. "What is this?"
"That's your new name. Hope you like it, though doesn't much matter if you don't."
"My new—?” The breath rushed out of her lungs. "I have an ID? Will it—Will that show on all the scanners?"
"Oh, yes. System wide, absolutely authentic and official."
An ID, a real one, a non-telepath one? The possibilities, the safety, the freedom of it made her dizzy.
"You did that?" Arissa managed.
"No, I called in every favor and debt owed me to make that happen. I just burned through every bit of influence I’ve built up in the last ten years – goodwill that was intended to land me Zartan’s seat on the Tellaran Council after I retire from the Fleet.” Jolar’s eyes were blue ice. “I expect to be well paid in return."
"Oh." She wet her lips and glanced at the cot. A real ID in return for letting him have her? She couldn’t afford to refuse, it didn’t even occur to her to try. "You want—I mean, here or—?"
He burst out laughing and Arissa's face went hot.
"You couldn't frack me enough to pay for this!" Jolar sobered. "No, that’s not what I want from you. There's something on Sertar I have to do. Something important. Having a woman with me is actually a liability—unless she has a unique talent to bring to the table. Your talent."
She searched his face. "You need a telepath."
"Want one,” he corrected. “I don't need one. Which means you do as you're told or your best hope is that Doctor de’Sar gets her longed-for opportunity to study one of you. Are we clear?"
Arissa swallowed. "Yes."
He held up the scanner. "This is a solid ID—unless something happens to me. Make sure nothing happens to me. Still clear?"
Her cheeks were burning. "Don't kill you in your sleep. Got it."
His sense was as cold as his eyes now. "Don't misunderstand me. If I think for a moment you've betrayed me, I'll put that blaster bolt in your head myself."
He was such a jumble of emotion she couldn’t sort it all but just the words hurt. She blinked away the sudden sting of tears. "Sorry. I was—I was joking."
He locked gazes with her. "Don't joke like that again."
She dropped her eyes.
"All right," he said finally. "You're going to shower and change. I have clothes for you. They might not fit perfectly or be what you like, but put them on anyway. Fix yourself up as best you can in twenty minutes."
Arissa frowned. "Why?"
"Because that's how much time I'm giving you," he said impatiently, turning away.
She pushed the curls out of her face. "Whatever you say, Commander.”
His sudden anger hit her so hard she gasped.
"Don't ever call me that again," he snarled. "Understand?"
She shook her head. "I don't—I mean, I thought—well, isn't that what you are?"
He gave her a narrow look. “Are you fracking with me? Or have you forgotten I know you’re a Seer?”
Arissa seethed. “Are you expecting me to read your every thought? Because it doesn’t work like that. I told you. And if you want me to help you, you’re going to have to tell me what you need me to do.”
He huffed a sigh. "Fine. Part of our cover story is I never rose above Lieutenant. I left the fleet five years ago when we moved to Aylor. Can you remember that? Because it’s time to go."
She frowned. "We? Our cover story?"
"Yes, we. I'm Jolar Legan." He nodded toward the open door of the cell. "Your husband."

About the Author

Ariel MacArran has loved books and writing since childhood. Growing up in New York City, her first self-published works (at 5) were made with construction paper and yarn and featured original stories and illustrations by the author. She holds a degree in English and a Masters in Counseling. Ariel lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her family.
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