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Blog Tour: Blackout by F.X. Scully (Excerpt, Review and a GIVEAWAY!!!!)

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Blackout blog tour bannerSynopsis
Ross Black is a failure.
He failed to protect is little brother from their past.
He failed to keep him out of trouble.
And now he’s having trouble holding onto the one girl who gets him. The one who makes him want to act like more like a man and less of an asshole. But he has a choice to make--take care of his brother or take care his heart. It's not an easy decision especially considering he's finally done something he never thought was possible--Fall in love.
Sheila Carlson is a lost cause.
She lost her sister.
She lost her dream.
And now she’s about to lose the one person she can count on. The one who makes her forget the worst parts of her life. When she learns a truth about her sister, she must decide what's more important, doing what’s right or what feels good.
Despite their issues, Sheila and Ross have something. It’s real. It’s raw. And it’s probably wrong. But despite the pain and disappointment, they’re determined to hold on for as long as they can. Especially if it means letting go of the things they’d rather forget.


I knock but she doesn’t answer. So I take a chance and open the door. She’s sitting at the foot of the bed when I enter and all the lights are on. Like she’s afraid of what might come out the dark if she risks it. She’s perched on the edge of the mattress in nothing but her underwear and one of those thin tank tops she always wears. My body is urging me forward, begging me to sit beside her and wrap her in my arms. But my mind tells me to focus.

Focus on the mission, Ross. This isn’t the time to get distracted.

“Hey,” I say quietly. She doesn’t even flinch. “I just wanted to check on you. See if you’re okay.” I inch forward. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I don’t know what I was thinking.” She blinks her empty gaze shifting from the floor to the wall. “I know that must have been hard. I can’t even imagine.” Taking a few steps forward, I lower myself onto the bed beside her. “I just want to help. And I know I screwed up tonight. I was distracted by all this stuff with the club opening and I wasn’t thinking straight. I wasn’t focused on you and what you need, like I should have been.” I take her hand, sliding my fingers between hers. I rub my thumb slowly back and forth across her silky skin. “I’ve been here for you from the beginning, Blue. And I’ll always be here. I’m going to make sure you get through this.”

Sheila finally turns her head, her wide, watery blue eyes swallowing me whole. “She’s alone.”

Shit. I move closer and almost as if on instinct, she does the same, crawling into my lap. I force myself to stay neutral—fighting the urge to ease her off my thirsty body while at the same time coaching myself not to fall into old habits. Sheila presses her palm against my cheek and I close my eyes, my resolve quickly melting. Her lips brush slightly against mine and just when I think I’m about to explode, she rests her head against my shoulder and lets out a little sigh.

I brace myself, enjoying this for just a few more minutes before hoisting her up and moving to the side of the bed. I place her down gently, and pull the blankets over her. I know I shouldn’t ask, that it will make an already tough night damn near impossible but… “Do you want me to stay with you?”

She nods.


I make my way across the room and turn off the main light. Then I start to remove my clothing. First my shirt, then my vest. But when I get to my jeans I pause. Crawling into bed half clothed, I reach across to turn out the lamp, but she stops me.

“Leave it on, please?”

“Okay,” I reply. Then I settle next to her, our bodies fitting together simultaneously—the smell of her hair torturing me as I coax myself to sleep.

~My Review~

So picking up where the first book Because of Luke left off. Shannon died, and Luke is in prison. He really isn’t in this book so much. Ross wants to be there for the children, but the grandparents, are kinda making that hard. Poor Sheila, is having a hard time dealing with her sister passing away. I do have to say, that more I read this book, more I understood Sheila, because in the first book, I thought she was pretty selfish. Ross and Sheila want to be together, but they don’t think they can because of things that has happened in the past. 

I am so glad that there will be another book, because Blackout left me with a few questions, hope that they’re answered in the next book. Yes, this book was depressing, but I could not put it down. I am hoping that we can see more of Luke in the next book.

~I Give It~
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Meet the Author
F.X. Scully loves romance, but she doesn't write your typical Happily Ever After. Because let's face it, in the real world, it can sometimes take a lot of angst and pain before you get there. And some of us never do. But since most of us pick up books to escape the real world, her stories don't lack hot boyfriends and sexy encounters. Neither will she leave you completely heart broken, sobbing into a tub of ice cream. Rest assured you'll be on a roller coaster, but you'll be glad you went along for the ride.
F.X. is the author of TWO THOUSAND 3 (November 2013), BECAUSE OF LUKE (February 2014) and BLACKOUT (April 2014).
You can read her extended bio here!
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