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Blog Tour: Black Rose by FX Scully (Excerpt and a GIVEAWAY!!)

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Just because you're damaged doesn't mean you can't be fixed.

At twenty-nine, Luke Black is a college drop out, a has-been musician, a widower, a dead-beat dad and an ex-con. On paper, the man doesn’t have a redeeming quality. But in his heart he’s still searching for one thing—“normal”.

All twenty-four-year-old Cocanda Rose has ever known is “normal”. And all she’s ever sought out is something that’ll make her mundane life just a bit more exciting. The rocker she fell for has broken her spirit and shattered her heart more times than she can count. Despite it all, she’s like a moth to a flame and has deemed herself irrevocably damaged. But there’s one person who has the potential to pick up the pieces. He’s her life-long neighbor, her best friend’s ex and the town pariah. He’s also the last person she ever thought she’d fall for and she soon becomes the only person who will stand by him.

In the final installment of the Lewiston Blues Series, F.X. Scully picks up the pieces of Luke Black’s life six years after it was torn apart. But not without some hiccups along the way.


He presses our mouths together gently and my stomach catapults and flutters so much it feels like I’m on some kind of roller coaster ride. And as his tongue finally darts out to taste mine, I realize that I am. That all this time I have been. From the moment I saw him at the hospital to the second he came to my rescue out in the driveway. His strange behavior at The L, the way he’s been looking at me lately. It’s been one big long ride, leading up to this moment. The moment where my legs turn to butter and an embarrassing little moan escapes me and I suddenly realize not every ride is a good idea.


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Meet the Author:
F.X. Scully loves romance, but she doesn't write your typical Happily Ever After. Because let's face it, in the real world, it can sometimes take a lot of angst and pain before you get there. And some of us never do. But since most of us pick up books to escape the real world, her stories don't lack hot boyfriends and sexy encounters. Neither will she leave you completely heart broken, sobbing into a tub of ice cream. Rest assured you'll be on a roller coaster, but you'll be glad you went along for the ride.

F.X. is the author of TWO THOUSAND 3 (November 2013), BECAUSE OF LUKE (February 2014), BLACKOUT (April 30) and BLACK ROSE (June 15).

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