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~Blog Tour~ Rekindled Desires by Debbie Macarter (Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!)

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Rekindled Desires Description

Genre: Contemporary Romance On Sale: February 07, 2015 Description On her best friend’s wedding night, Becca Lawson becomes distressed when she runs into the man who once held her heart and shattered it completely. One night of intense emotions and daring confessions is all it takes to rekindle long-lost emotions. Fearing another heartbreak, Becca shuts herself off completely, denying herself a chance at true love. On the surface, it seems Austin Blackstone has it all. He’s rich, young and strikingly good-looking; but deep down, his heart aches for the unforgettable girl who slipped through his fingers. When a serendipitous encounter places them together on a tropical paradise, all of his deepest and darkest secrets secrets threaten to spill over. He’s willing to forsake everything he has built to finally get what he truly desires. Rekindled Desires is a touching love story of second chances and new beginnings. Can two vastly different people forget their rules and take a chance at love? Fans of Deborah Bladon are sure to love this sweet tale set on a beautiful, Caribbean island. 
 Book Excerpt 
How long had he denied himself the simple pleasure of being with a woman? Months? A year? That was insane. He was making himself a promise to end this celibacy as soon as he got out of this old-fashioned formality. The easy catch would be, of course, the bridesmaid. They were always ready for a little adventure, weren’t they? But this was out of the question. He must be content, polite, and utterly boring today. But something inside of him just could not stop remembering the voice of that woman he was watching earlier, standing in the middle of this tropical garden with the flowers that produced amazing, exotic, almost seductive scents. Some feeling of déjà vu would not let go. His gut was telling him that his life was missing something, something very important. Family. This was a family gathering. The wedding represented the birth of a family and he was desperately alone. At twenty-eight, Austin was in his prime. Physically he was in perfect shape. Financially, he was very stable. He was ready to have someone significant in his life. He was ready to give himself. This was something he had never felt before. How could Roman do this when he was so young? It must be the old money, the sense of security, something Austin had had to build wealth on his own. He was proud of it. Preoccupied with his growing businesses and success, he tended to put his private life aside. Did he even have a life beyond work? He wanted to become a family man, to tie himself to a wife and a bunch of kids. He had never before felt compelled to care for anyone, except himself. He had little idea how to do that in the first place. He’d never experienced what a family really meant…until today. Was it realistic to be so much in love that Rom wanted to marry when he was barely twenty? Austin had been twenty not so long ago. He remembered what he’d been like back then vividly. His chest clenched with regret as he remembered the young girl, that innocent soul he cruelly pushed away. How could he possibly have resisted that goddess-like body she’d thrown at him? But he’d been so self-centered and not capable of any kind of relationship at that time, never mind love. For so long, the sweet form of that girl who’d foolishly confessed her love for him had kept appearing in his dreams… He had not wanted to be responsible for her broken heart. So he had just disappeared from her life and made sure she knew nothing about him anymore. It was better for her. She should have forgotten about him forever.


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I love contemporary romances so I'm glad this is one :) Thanks for sharing.

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