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~Release Blitz~ No Mercy~ A Darker Continuation by Lucian Bane

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Title: No Mercy~ A Darker Continuation

Author: Lucian Bane

Publication Date: May 26, 2015

Sade and Mercy’s journey takes a dark turn in No Mercy A Darker Continuation
Some nightmares last only minutes. Sometimes those minutes can last a lifetime.
Dark lusts and self-loathing become a merciless dance Sade can't escape. Surviving one night of horror leads him to a ledge he's never been, where terror mixes with his sadism and masochism for a whole new monster with No Mercy.
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Sade looked up to find he’d laid Mercy on the floor and held a chair out for him to sit in.
“Oh, she’s fine. I didn’t hurt her. Just some chloroform.” He glanced down then back at Sade. “I think I used too much, she’s been out for so long. Such a delicate flower. Unlike your little friend. I had to use quite a bit, and boy, did he put up a valiant fight.”
“Bo is a fighter.” Panic surged through Sade as he slowly approached the man standing behind the chair. “I hope you taught him a lesson.”
He let out an eager laugh that made Sade sick. “Let’s just say, he’s being trained in becoming a fisherman.”
“A fisherman?” Sade chuckled, sitting. “That dumb shit never fished once in his life.”
“Oh, well, he’s not really fishing.” His humored tone said he was either buying Sade’s game or playing another one far better. He was too sincere to tell. “He’s my little naughty Jonah. I’ll deal with him later, but for now…” Standing at Sade’s shoulder now, he drew a finger along the back of his neck. “…I’ll focus on you.”
“And Kane?” Sade clenched his eyes at the sensual glide of those fingers on his skin still. “He’s made my life very hard over the years.”
“You like the ink I see.”
The idea he was tracing his tattoo made him feel only a little better. “I like the pain.” Sade fought a shudder from his continued caress, gliding along the column of his neck.
The smell of sour sweat thickened the air as his breaths turned shallow. “You like pain.” His eager whisper trembled like he either hated that or loved it more than Sade wanted him to.
But whatever would keep Mercy safe. “Very much.”
The man’s fingers roamed up into Sade’s hair now, the act of a lover. “Did you know,” he whispered, curious. “That there is neither male… nor female… in the body of Christ?”
Sade grit his teeth as Abraham stroked over his lips. “I didn’t know.”
The large fingers left his mouth and moved to roam over his skull. “An innocent lamb you are. Once I cleanse you and purify your vessel, I think you will make a fine disciple. Would you like that?” He closed his hand over Sade’s throat. “Go on,” he whispered, his mouth at his ear now. “Tell me.”
A trickle of sweat rolled down Sade’s face. He knew there was only one right answer to give the predator shifting on restless feet as he assessed his prey. “I would love that, Father.”
“I see your body has been pierced.” He stroked his hand eagerly over Sade’s chest. “That is a grave sin, my son.”
The eager words said that was a turn on in some sick way. “I’m dirty, Father.” Sade barely managed to resist the full body shudder rolling through him.
“Indeed.” He slid a finger over his nipple. “I’ll inspect your body later. After the ceremony. I have many tools to heal you and seal all your wounds.”
Sade’s cock jerked at the idea of sexual pain just as he leaned to his ear again. An elbow to the face nearly overcame Sade in that second.
“This will be your first test as my disciple. A Master must be able to… trust his servant.” The sour breath brushed Sade’s cheek. “Don’t disappoint me, son. Please.”
Abraham’s beg held an orgasmic tone, shooting more sadistic desires through him—eye-gouging being the strongest and immediate. “I promise, Father.” He kept his voice to a whisper, not trusting it. His heart hammered furiously with the effort to appear calm as the man finally walked away, his steps hurried. “I’ll only be five minutes.”
Oh shit! She looked around then hurried into the closet, falling into the back wall as she managed to shut one side of the closet. Oh God, were they both shut? She was so busted. What was she doing in there? She was… looking for… shoes? Extra pair of Crocs? And then panicked when he came in because… well she realized she should have asked.
She held her breath at seeing him sit on the bed, his back facing her. He laid down and she jerked more into the closet when his head was in her line of vision. If he looked, he’d see her. She clenched her eyes shut, hoping the sudden movement hadn’t made a noise.
Letting out a slow breath, she listened as he went to the bathroom. Oh God this was her chance, she could leave. The door opened and she glued herself back to the wall, one of her crutches clonking lightly on something. Oh God. The main light turned off, leaving only the bathroom one to shine into the room. She peeked through the slats as he sat on the bed again. She let out a careful breath wishing he’d go see Bo.
Oh shit. What if he tried to go see her?
He laid down, and her breath caught at seeing his naked chest. She let her breath go when he put a hand behind his head and draped his other across his midsection. She watched the rise and fall of his chest, her eyes catching the glow of white skin between the dark ink of his tattoos. Shit. How long would he take to fall asleep? She looked around in the closet, careful only to move her head. It was too dark to see anything even if there was something.
She jerked back to watching him at hearing him sigh. He seemed to be looking down at something. She lowered her body and angled her head and see. Oh my God. He was naked. His hand was on his cock, stroking slowly. Her heart slammed her chest as she gradually leaned right so that she could look out the bi-fold door that was partially open. Oh. My. God.
His chest and stomach moved with his gasps. He pulled his knees up and Mercy’s breath hitched in her chest when he let them fall open. Holy…. His enormous size sent heat biting her lower stomach and between her legs. She watched his muscles flex in his arms as he gripped himself and moved his hips in and out of his hold.
His head went back with a groan and her eyes locked on his open mouth and neck muscles standing out. Oh God, oh God. Her privates throbbed as she watched him in silent ecstasy.
“Fuck, yes,” he gasped, looking down at himself again. His hand moved quickly over himself, making the bed shake. Again his mouth opened wide, with a harsh hiss. She froze as his head turned toward her, then away in ecstasy. “Mercy,” he whispered, shooting panic through her. “Suck my cock,” he croaked. “Suck it, baby.” Her own mouth hung open in shock. He was talking to himself. Mercy’s privates were on fire as the bed shook more with his vigorous strokes. He looked down again, rolling his hips slowly then bucking fast. His head shot back, this time with teeth bared before his mouth flew open in a half roar.
Oh my God, oh my God. The sound and sight of his orgasm rocked her unlike anything she’d ever felt. She was officially addicted to it.
Her heart pounded so furiously in her body, she was sure he’d hear it as he gasped for air in the aftermath.
He slowly sat up, his body still heaving, back facing her. He stood and went to the bathroom. She watched his gorgeous body as he walked with a sleek grace, aching to touch him. What would he feel like under her fingers? Was he soft? Hard? Both? What would he feel like on her lips? She closed her eyes, never wanting something so much. She wanted to know. She had to know. Not remember, know.
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Author Bio
I’m a husband, author, and Christian who loves writing tales—paranormal erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, fantasy romance and dark erotica-- about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. Also stories that are real enough to form a sort of how-to bridge for the readers, teaching them "how to" add heat and passion to their marriages and relationships; teach them how to build life-long commitments--like I have with my own beautiful wife--and build strong families; all of which serve as a healthy foundation in society.
I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the strength that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband. Teach them how to dance out their fairytale romance in a world that isn't kind to the happily ever afters we all hope to achieve.
You know, when I was younger, I submitted to my inner reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. A man that believes and endorses Forever Love. Something we could stand a lot more of in our times, don't you think?
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