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~Cover Reveal~ Inside Your Beauty by Alexa Keith

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Cover Reveal
IYB Book cover
Title: Inside Your Beauty
Author: Alexa Keith
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What if you had the chance to walk away from the only life you’ve ever known, would you take it?
Allison Winters didn’t have that option. Her husband came home one night with divorce papers in hand. He told her- she had fifteen minutes to pack herself, their three kids up, and get out.
Allison, did it in ten.
Being on the road and living unrestricted for three months, Allison and her three kids happened to stumbled upon a quaint little town called, Birdsfall. Loving the pure and simplicity of their new life style, things couldn’t get any better.
Until she got pulled over.
Hunter Quaid was in no hurry to find a girl and settle down. He lived the life most men dreamed of living. Being a cop in a small town, owning a bar, and having his piece on the side, things couldn’t get any better.
Until he pulled her over.
Hunter flashed his lights, the vehicle pulled to the side, and he approached the car. What happened next he wasn’t prepared for.
When pasts are brought back to haunt them.
New situations arise to complicate them.
Will they both be ready to have the strength to hold on?
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She started to slowly lift herself up, and then back down again. I thought my head was going to explode, both heads. Ally started circling her hips while she continued to fuck me painfully slow. “Fuck that feels good.”
“Yeah?” She asked breathlessly.
“Fuck, yeah.” I replied.
“How about this?” She retorted, and I watched her hazel eyes darken as she began to move quicker and quicker. Her body slapping down on me. As amazing as it felt, I saw it, I saw exactly what she was doing. And I let her. I let her fuck me hard while she tried to fill all those horrible memories with what she was doing to me, taking control. I again, hoped she was transferring her pain into me and erasing all those raw recollections of guys fucking her.
Ally cried out, “Ohhh, God!” I groaned when I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and started thrusting up every time she went down causing her to heavily moan. “Yes, Hunter don’t stop.”
I held her hips tight and plunged inside her as I felt her walls constrict around me. “Yeah, baby that’s it.”
I drove deep as Ally screamed through her orgasm. “Hunter, yes, oh god, yes.”
The look on her face when she came, the feel of her on my cock, she broke me. I needed to brand her in some way, and driving deep and hard into her was the only thing I could do.
“Oh my god, Hunter…” Ally cried and screamed as another orgasm ripped through her body. She trembled and convulsed while I held her snug to me. Her breasts rising and falling rapidly against my sweat soaked chest.
“Ohhh, fuck, Ally…” I grated between gritted teeth against her damp neck spilling my seed deep inside her pussy.
Author Bio with Frame
Alexa Keith is an independent self-published author. She spends most days locked away in her own head. When she does venture out, it’s always a new journey. Alexa resides in the sunshine state, also known as Florida, with her three favorite testosterone filled men. She loves to spend her free time with family and friends. Or, when she has time to herself, reading a good book. She has an unhealthy addiction to coffee and Almond Joy coffee creamer. Her love for writing started at an early age. She would stare out the windows in school as her imagination ran wild. To which, Alexa can’t count how many times she was lectured for her lack of concentration. To this day, her mind is still running. She has come to the stage in her life where she has finally been able to put those thoughts and stories in black and white. Therefore, keep your eyes open for more from Alexa Keith.
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