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~Blog Tour~ Picture Perfect by L.E. Magire (Excerpt and GIVEAWAY!)

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Book Title: Picture Perfect Author: L. E. Magire 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: April 7, 2015 
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Book Blurb

Ember Whitfield was well on her way to living the life she always envisioned for herself. She received her degree in photography from a prestigious New York university. Her best friend, Jake, was her roommate and photo assistant. And after fleeing the tough competition of New York City for Seattle, she had high hopes of being able to obtain her dream as a professional photographer. But most importantly, Ember was perfectly single. And after having dumped her not-so-perfect, philandering boyfriend, Ember planned on staying perfectly single. But as Ember soon discovers, things don't always go as planned.

Ember’s assistant secretly enters her in a local contest, winning her a gallery showing. She's hopeful this will get her and her work quickly noticed. While out celebrating her impending show, Ember gets hit on by the most annoying, arrogant man, who is also the most attractive man she’s even seen. He’s tall, built, and ruggedly handsome. He's perfect, but he's also not part of her plan.

After landing a photo shoot for a popular fashion magazine, in strolls the up and coming male model, Evan Ryan James. The perfectly annoying, arrogant, gorgeous man from the bar. Evan had been immediately captivated by Ember, but after getting her heart broken by her former philandering boyfriend, Ember vowed she would never get involved with another model again. But Evan isn’t going to take no for an answer. He believes he found the perfect woman in Ember, and he is determined to make her see it. Just as Ember starts to let Evan in, both of their careers take off. Soon, their tenuous relationship is quickly put to the test when they are both pulled in different directions by the high demands of their jobs.

Spinning me around suddenly, his hands dove for my hair. Fisting clumps of it in his hands, he pulled my head back and firmly held me in place as his lips crashed down on mine violently. We both stopped moving as we consumed each other right there on the dance floor of Club Vixen.

When we finally broke apart, my eyes ran up and down him greedily. He was wearing a pair of light blue jeans that fit him snugly in all the right places, making the bulge in his crouch look more prominent. The man filled out his jeans nicely. A baby blue button-down shirt was tucked into his jeans. Unlike the first time I saw him here, he only had the top button undone and I longed to see more of that chiseled chest.

There was a playful smirk on his plump lips with one dimple on display. Those beautiful green eyes were dark and dilated, emanating a raw sexual energy, and they were currently bouncing between my eyes and my lips. My breath quickened as my heart pounded within my chest. The blood rushing through my veins was roaring in my ears.

The hard-driving beat of Judas Priest’s Love Bites pounded through the speakers, making us both suddenly aware of our surroundings. I tried to pull away from him, but his hands gripped my hips tightly as a lascivious smile slowly spread across his beautiful face.

Shoving his leg between mine, I grabbed onto his muscular biceps and straddled his thigh. He began to move us to the beat in a way that should have been illegal for a public place.

Feeling a little out of control, I ran my hands over his sculptured chest and started to unbutton his shirt. His eyes snapped down to my hands and watched with rapt attention as I undid the first three buttons, putting that glorious chest on display. Getting up onto my tiptoes to get close to his ear, I said, “I really like you like this.”


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Meet the Author

L. E. Maguire is an independent author who is a born and bred Jersey Girl currently living below the Mason-Dixon line.

She is an avid reader with a passion for romance novels. When she's not reading, you can usually find her writing.

Starting Over (Hart of Seattle, #1) was her first published novel on July 27, 2013. Her second novel, New Beginnings (Hart of Seattle, #2), is the second and final in the Hart of Seattle series, and was published on December 31, 2013. Her third release, unrelated to the first two, Picture Perfect, was published on April 7, 2015.

She also has a special love for photography, football (sharing an equal passion for both the NY Giants and the Seattle Seahawks), and all things vampire.

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