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~Release Blitz~ Broken by Desire by Dani Rene

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Title – Broken by Desire

Author & Publisher – Dani René

Release Date: 29/02/2016

Secrets will destroy any chance at happiness.
Especially when they don’t want to stay in the past.
Cassandra Winters, torn, broken, and in need of change. At 27 she’s overcome a traumatic experience that left her debilitated for two years. An opportunity presents itself that will allow her a second chance. This sees her moving to the City of Angels. When Cassie arrives she is met with the amazing sights of Hollywood and all that Los Angeles has to offer.
When a handsome green-eyed stranger elicits feelings from Cassie she buried long ago, she is overwhelmed. Finding herself in something deeper than she could ever imagine possible. As long as her dark secrets aren’t revealed, she will have a chance to move on.
Lucien Verán, rich, sexy, and domineering. This 30yr old playboy wants nothing more than a good hard fuck. A one-night stand. He has everything money could possibly afford him. There isn’t time for love in his life. His heart is locked away. Nobody can come close to him again. Never again.
Until he comes face to face with a pair of chocolate brown eyes that will have him questioning his life, his heart and his mind. But he has demons, that follow him everywhere he goes. His past is as dangerous as his broken soul, nothing can bring light into his darkness. Or can it?
Will her secrets destroy their chance at happiness?
Or will his demons threaten everything they worked so hard to overcome? The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers.
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Broken by Desire Excerpt © Dani Rene 2016 I couldn’t talk to her all the way back to the house. There was sexual tension thick in the air driving me absolutely insane with a need for her. Just one night that’s all. You can’t pull her into your darkness. She’s too innocent. Too fucking sweet. When Robert finally pulled into the driveway, I wanted to pick her up caveman style and carry her into the house. The need to possess her in ways that would make her forget about everything burned inside me. When I opened the car door, I held out my hand, she slipped hers in mine the light from her eyes shone with promise. I dismissed Robert, and just about dragged her into the house. When the door shut, I grabbed her, pinning her to the wall. This was what I had wanted to do since the first day I saw her in the coffee shop. To have her pressed against me in such a primal way. My mouth sealed hers without asking, I licked into her sweet mouth, and groaned at the taste of her. Fuck, she tastes like heaven. A flavor of sweet honey and jasmine. She sucks on my bottom lip, tugging it between her teeth, and I all but come in my pants. I couldn’t get enough of her. It was heady, and all I wanted was her. With a forceful roll of my hips, I show her how hard she has me, her whimper was evidence that she wanted the same. She fumbles with the buttons of my shirt, but I can’t wait. “Rip it!” I growl. Her hands grip the material and when she tugs, I am surprised at her strength, buttons pop and fly in every direction. As soon as she slides it off and her hands were on me. Thank fuck! Her touch lit my skin on fire. I can’t explain the intoxicating sensation of how she feels, soft, gentle, but so fucking erotic. I needed to be inside her. My hands grip her tight little ass and lift her against me. The only place I want her now is on my bed. This is where she belonged, with me, under me. The way she stared at me both turned me on and unnerved me, but made me feel like a better man. Not the dark shadow that I think of myself as. Not the evil bastard that I really am. I set her down on my bed. “Stay.” I command her. She watches me move, pulling my boots and belt off, her eyes filled with a hunger that matched mine. Never in my thirty years have I wanted a woman as much as I wanted her right at that moment. I wanted every part of her. Her eyes fall on my zipper and she squirms. Yes, darling, I will fuck you so hard and so good that you will feel me for weeks after. I promise, you will ache for me the way I ache for you. I watch her squeeze her thighs together, and I realize she’s wet. My hungry little tigress. My eyes meet hers, while I unbutton my jeans, the zipper half way down. I can’t wait to see her naked. “You sure about this?” She nods letting me know she wants this; she slips her straps of the dress off her shoulders. I drink in the sight of her in a black sheer bra. Oh my fucking God she is perfect. Her full tits are creamy and her nipples are peaked behind the soft material of the bra. “Fuck, you’re beautiful!” I pull her up and undo her belt. As soon as the dress pools at her feet, I need to kiss her again. I tug her body against me, sealing her lips with mine. She’s so wanton with lust, rubbing her core against me. Her fingers tangle in my hair, tugging me closer to her. Like she hungers for me. Her heat is unbearable and I doubt I will last very long. Our tongues dance in an erotic tumble and I suck hers into my mouth. A soft whimper escapes her mouth, she’s ready. I lay her on the bed, her bare skin on mine is incredible. I am way over dressed for this party. Without a word, I shrug my jeans off, without my eyes leaving her. Her gaze is glued to my bulge, and she looks like she’s about to devour me whole. My fingers move to unhook her bra, flinging it on the floor somewhere. “Cassandra.” My voice is a low growl. Her nipples are hard and I lean in, devouring them. Sucking, nibbling, tasting her. Fuck! My mind can’t form coherent sentences at this point. I graze her sensitive buds with my teeth, and her back arches in pleasure. I need to taste the rest of her. My mouth moves down over her belly, I kiss a soft wet trail down, noticing the goose bumps that rise up on her smooth silky skin. She’s writhing up, but I need her to hold still. This would be so much easier if I had her bound to the bed. I grip her and pin her hips to the bed. I need to keep her in place, or I will lose control. A jolt of pleasure shoots to my cock when she moans my name. I am leaking, ready to be inside her. My eyes on hers, I tug her panties off. With soft feather light kisses on her thighs, I take in the sweetness of her skin. With soft kisses on her inner thighs, I tease her, not giving attention to where she needs me most. Once her panties are on the floor, I grab each ankle and kiss them. She’s a fucking goddess, perfect. My briefs find their place among the strewn clothes on the floor, she gasps when her eyes fall on my cock. I grab a condom and roll it on. Her eyes never leaving my movements. I kneel back between her thighs, my erection at her pussy. I am so ready to ram inside you, darling. My mouth claims her again; I trace my hand down the side of her body. I find the slick sex between her thighs and stroke her. “You’re so fucking wet for me.” Her whimper is more than enough to spur me on. God, she will feel amazing. “I need to be inside you, Cassandra.” She raises her hips to me and I slide in slowly. It takes all my restraint not to drive into her. It’s the only way to keep myself from coming too soon. She’s tight, so fucking tight. Her pussy sucks me in. “Please,” she whispers, “… Mr. Verán.” I need to fuck her now, this is ridiculous, and she knows what it does to me. With one hand I grip her wrists and pin them above her head. I fucking warned her. Is she trying to make me crazy? “Do it.” Her voice is hoarse with desire. You asked for it sweetheart. I am going to fuck you senseless until you’re crying out my name. No other man will make you feel what I am about to make you feel. I drive into her, bottoming out inside her tight little cunt. She fits me like a fucking glove. When I hear her cry out I still inside her. I allow her a moment until she looks into my eyes with a sparkling smile. Slower now, I pull out then slide in to the hilt, giving her my cock, I want her to have every fucking inch of me. I need her to be mine, only mine. My eyes lock on hers and I hope she can see the promise in them. You’re mine now. No one else is going to have a chance with you. I will fucking own you.
Dani René is a freelance graphic designer and indie author. She started writing in January 2015 and after a few fan fiction stories, she decided that her first novel Ace of Harts needed to be published. On a daily basis she has a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas floating around in her mind. If she isn't on Pinterest or Instagram looking for her next muse, you can find her on Twitter or Facebook.
When she's writing, hiding in her cave, she's happiest. If you can't find her sitting behind her MacBook writing about hot alpha males, she's probably drinking coffee at a little coffee shop, or wine tasting one of the few hundred wine farms in her home city of Cape Town, in South Africa.
She also has an addiction to reading and reviewing books, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream. Always looking for a new book to get lost in, Dani's favorite authors include - M Never, Meghan March, M Andrews, BB Reid, Whitney D, EL James, Sylvia Day, Sierra Simone, K Webster, and that's just to name a few!
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