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~Cover and Excerpt Reveal~ Saint Jude (Los Angeles Bad Boys) by Frankie Love

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Cover Design: Mayhem Cover Creations
Release Date: September 19, 2016
    “I need her in a way that won’t take no for an answer.” JUDE When Catalina walks in the door, my heart stops. She’s my best friend’s little sister, Etta’s babysitter, and hot as hell. The timing is all wrong. She’s too young, lost, and doesn’t know what she wants. I have a baby and don’t need another person to take care of. But then I take her against the wall and she finds her way into my motherf*cking heart. The truth is, I’m the lost cause, and Catalina might be the one person who can save me.   CATALINA I came to LA needing to escape an a-hole who was using me. Six months later I end up at Jude’s house. I’m a hot mess … but Jude? He’s hotter. And walking into his home, seeing that Etta’s mother skipped town, I realize I’m not the only mess around. It starts as a one-afternoon stand— two people craving connection. But quickly becomes more. Trouble is, my past is catching up with me. We might not have forever — but we have today.  
“Thanks for helping with Etta today,” he says. He’s half a foot taller than me, and when I look up at him I love the way his body casts a shadow over mine. Like, he could protect me. Take care of me. Even for this hour. It’s reassuring, to be in the presence of a man like this. A man who seems to know how to take care of people so well. “I didn’t mind,” I tell him softly. “I didn’t mind at all.” “And would you mind if I kissed you?” he asks, looking down at me, those dark eyes hitting me where it hurts. I smile softly. “In romance novels, those alpha guys never ask for permission. They just take what they want.” “Oh girl,” he says, laughing, as his hands cup my face. “You got me pegged all wrong.” “Oh, so you’re not a bad boy?” I tease. My heart flutters, with his hands on my face, flutters because I’m this close to a man who is just that: a man. Not an asshole. Not like Yuri. Jude is a man who knows how to hold a woman. And yeah, he’s just holding my face right now, but I know he’s capable of holding much more than that. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes you just know it’s right. “I didn’t say I wasn’t a bad boy.” Jude shakes his head, ever so slightly. “But there are different sorts of bad boys, aren’t there?” “And what kind are you, Jude?” I ask, my eyes dropping to his chest. For some reason, I don’t want to see his eyes as he answers the next part. Like it’s too vulnerable, or too intense a question to ask someone I barely know—to ask someone who is touching me like this. As if the answer might pull him away. And God knows I do not want him going anywhere right now—I mean, anywhere besides my pussy. “I’m the sort of bad boy who tries to fix things.” “That doesn’t sound so bad, Jude.” “Girl,” he says, “people only want to fix things if something is broken.” My eyes search his. I’m sure confusion is written across my face. “You think I’m broken?” I ask, slightly offended, but also wondering how he got to the root of all my issues so damn fast. “No,” he says laughing again. “I didn’t say you were broken. I just said something was broken.” Now that I’m looking in his eyes, I see he wasn’t talking about me at all. He was talking about himself. “Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.” I say it as a statement, because it is. I don’t even know what kind of question to hitch it to; it’s just the only thing that flashes through my mind when I look up at him. “I’ve heard that before,” he says. The way he says it tells me that he has heard it before … but he’s never heard those words from me. And maybe I’m dreaming, but I feel like they have a different effect on him. “You can kiss me,” I tell him. He doesn’t hesitate; his lips are all mine. In a hot flash, in a way that crashes over me. Like I’ve never been kissed before. Like I may never be kissed again. This kiss is a lifeline. But I don’t think it’s a lifeline for me. I think it’s, like, a lifeline for him.  
One of Three ARC's for Saint Jude: Los Angeles Bad Boys
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Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.
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