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~Promo Tour~ The Cougarette Series by Eliza David

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Welcome to the world of the cougar, where women over forty are the new twenty! Eliza David has coined her books as being "Cougar Lit," chick lit for the maturing female crowd. But anyone can enjoy these fun, sexy, entertaining reads and aspire to being a cougar when they get older, or at least feeling as hot as one, am I right?! Let's hear what some readers have to say about this series.
The first pages start your addiction to our next female superstar, Ms. Cee Cee Banks. ~A. Lambertz, Amazon Reviewer
Fantastic. Energetic. Entertaining. Keeps you wanting more. ~TJ, Amazon Reviewer
The Cougarette is a very upbeat, charming, witty, cleverly written book jam packed with unexpected twists and turns. ~Author Kaden Matthews
The story gives women over 40 the hope that they can attract younger men! ~Amazon Reviewer
The Cougarette Released January 2015 Free on Amazon & Smashwords!
After her husband of twenty years falls in love with someone else, PR exec Cecelia 'CeeCee' Banks is forced to reinvent her life post-divorce. Between career shakeups, raising a teenage son and the news that her ex plans to remarry soon, CeeCee is juggling her new reality with grace, laughter and a little more alcohol than usual. CeeCee catches one of her life’s sexiest curveballs in the form of Jay Weston. A promising artist, Jay brings out a passion in CeeCee that she hasn’t felt in years. He is everything her ex wasn’t: ambitious, sensual, exciting….and twenty-five. CeeCee is tested the day a click of a paparazzo’s camera brings her professional and personal lives into a tabloid tailspin. After ZMT officially coins her as ‘The Cougarette’, CeeCee becomes a media sensation overnight. Her reputation is in shambles, her career is thrown into limbo and her own hip-hop star client betrays her in a hit song! Worst of all is the damage it has done to her relationship with Jay, whose mysterious backstory finds itself entangled in CeeCee's drama in a way neither of them ever could have imagined. With the help of her no-nonsense BFF/manager/unpaid life coach Laney, CeeCee attempts to dig herself out of this self-created chaos and maintain at least a shred of dignity. Will she be able to keep her life running smoothly, career and love life intact? Maybe - if she could just stop waking up in random hotel rooms.
Cougarette in the Country Released February 2015 Purchase on Amazon & Smashwords!
CeeCee Banks is going down – South, that is. While her budding career at Platinum Noize is booming, CeeCee’s relationship with the gorgeous Jay Weston is bombing. When Jay asks her to relocate to New York with him, CeeCee uses her time in Atlanta managing Billy BadAss’s latest event to get a fresh perspective before she makes a decision. However, with trying to tame the re-emergence of Billy’s reckless behavior, being offered a top-brass promotion from the Atlanta office and reuniting with her first love in the nearby country town of Pigcreek, CeeCee and her future with Jay become shaky. With glimpses of a teenage CeeCee, we’ll find out if grownup CeeCee decides to come back to the country for an old love and a new opportunity…or move to New York City for a future with Jay.
Cougarette Takes Manhattan Release Date Purchase on Amazon & Smashwords!
CeeCee Banks arrives in Manhattan with a brand new job and a brand new engagement ring…but old habits die hard.
As she and her fiancé Jay Weston become busy with their careers, they are finding less and less time with each other. Their once-hot and heavy love life comes down to scheduled sex days. In addition to planning a New York-style wedding and learning to work with her abrasive boss Bryce Costas, CeeCee has to also contend with Felicity Hunter as her client again and tolerate Billy BadAss’s new toxic girlfriend, Deja Renee Ramirez. When Bryce assigns Felicity to a modeling project at Graphix NYC, it puts her in direct contact with Jay. Between Jay’s sudden disinterest in the wedding and the challenge of regaining intimacy with him, CeeCee is green with envy. Will the dwindling passion between CeeCee and Jay reignite a spark between him and Felicity? goodreads   TheCougarette4   Cougarette On Top Released June 2015 Purchase on Amazon & Smashwords!   Synopsis: Cecelia Nicole Banks is finally on top….which no doubt means she’s about to hit rock bottom. A year has passed since CeeCee's emotional breakup from Jay Weston. Still going strong with her billionaire boss/boyfriend Bryce Costas, CeeCee spends all of her time with him - making love in the air and making money in the boardroom. After taking on some of Bryce’s traits, CeeCee has become a literal lean, mean, money-making machine…but is she happy? CeeCee soon finds that million-dollar deals aren’t enough to protect her when tragedy strikes and what she needs most is love - not lucrative ventures. Instead of more joy, CeeCee is getting more pain: a meddling father with unwarranted advice, a magazine editor determined to paint CeeCee as someone who slept her way to the top and a new project that forces her to work one-on-one with Jay (much to Bryce’s calm and cool chagrin!). When an unexpected life change threatens her relationship with Bryce, will CeeCee choose a luxurious jet-set life with the man she loves or a do-over life with someone that needs her love?
  Girls Night In: A Collection of Short Stories based on the Cougarette Releases August 28th! Preorder on Amazon!   Synopsis: Ladies don’t kiss and tell…but who’s talking about kissing? When CeeCee gathers Laney, Trina, and Sheila in her living room on a cold Valentine’s Day evening, things heat up quickly. With the help of unlimited wine and plenty of laughs, the ladies of The Cougarette Series reveal all about their love lives in titillating first-person accounts. Secrets will be revealed and sexy tales will be told about: • An affair with a neighbor, • The seduction of a barely legal production assistant, • A visit to a private club for exclusive clientele, • A vacation that pits faith against lust, • And a late-night visitor cloaked in lies BONUS: At the end of these five sensual stories will be the first chapter of the fifth book in The Cougarette Series, The Cougarette’s Secret. So, grab a glass of wine and join CeeCee and Company for a wild ride on a hot night in!
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