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~Blog Tour~ Take Back My Heart by Aubree Valentine

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Take Back My Heart by Aubree Valentine
Come Back To Me Series

Release Date: Nov. 30th 2016

Cover Designer: Kelly Kennedy at Cover Crush Designs

Fourteen years ago, Connor Matheson walked away from the one person who owned him, heart and soul. He had convinced himself he’d come back for her one day, but when he found out she was keeping a secret from him, it only kept him away. When his grandmother died, leaving him to handle her estate, Connor was forced back to his hometown, where his heart remained.Lauren Delaney-Forbes was doing just fine on her own. She had a little boy, whom she loved more than life itself, and spent her days at a job that she enjoyed. Her dreams of marriage and happily ever after dissolved when she found her ex-husband in bed with another woman. Convinced her heart couldn’t handle another heartbreak, she focused on being a mom and giving Eliot her all.
Until Connor showed up and flipped her world upside down.
Could he convince her that their love deserved a second chance or would she take back her heart, leaving him in the past?

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"We shouldn't,” he mumbled, tightening his grip on her to prevent her escape.
Was he warning her or warning himself? As much as she wanted to hate Connor, she wanted him to kiss her more.
Before she could reply, Connor’s lips met hers, completely knocking her world upside down. She had been waiting for this moment ever since the last time they kissed. Lauren spent too many nights dreaming of what it would feel like to have his lips on hers again. The magic she felt every time he kissed her set her on fire, filling her with need. It seemed that time had made no difference. Her body still craved him.
Connor lingered for a moment more recalling the feel of her lips on his. He expected Lauren to resist, but when she didn’t push away from his kiss, pure lust ran through him, hardening his cock almost instantly. It took every ounce of his resolve to pull away. “I think we should talk first.”
Sitting there with his arms wrapped around her, still breathless with the lingering feel of his lips on hers, Lauren tried to make sense of his words. She knew he was right, but she couldn’t bring herself to focus. He had that kind of impact on her. With Connor, she wanted to be impulsive and free.
Before she could change her mind, she stood and grabbed his hand. “We can talk later. Right now, I need you,” she urged, tugging him toward the stairs. “Lead the way.”
He pulled her into his arms and in one swoop, he lifted her up, cupping her ass in his hands. Lauren wrapped her legs around his waist, causing Connor to growl against her neck. "God damn, Princess. I want you so fucking bad,” he groaned, carrying her up the steps.
The minute he made it into his old bedroom, he slammed the door behind them. Pinning Lauren to the back of the door, he held her hands above her head and began kissing her again. This time with more passion. His tongue danced with hers, promising so much more than just a kiss.
She wanted this. Needed it.
She wanted Connor with all that she was.
She needed him to make her feel again, to somehow repair the tiny slivers of her broken heart that he had shattered so many years ago. He was the only person who had the power to fix everything she felt was wrong with her.
With one hand still holding her hands above her head, he used his other hand to work the button on her jeans. The sound of her zipper coming undone penetrated through the haze, pulling Lauren out of her thoughts of Connor and everything he made her feel. This was happening. She was here. She was letting him back in and praying he wouldn’t destroy her again. She could pretend that it would only be one night, that she’d leave satisfied and sated, but one night with Connor would never be enough.
Right before his fingers found her clit, she prayed he wouldn’t destroy her again.
“Fuck, you’re soaked.” Connor rubbed her sensitive flesh, grinning as a moan escaped her mouth. He’d forgotten how hot she was when she was caught up in the moment. The way her body responded to him made his cock strain against his zipper, begging to be set free. Thoughts of taking it slow vanished. He needed to be buried inside her while her pussy came around his cock.
He slid his hand from her pants and released his grip on her wrists. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him again. She ground her pussy against him, purring from the feel of him pressing into her. When his knees touched the end of the bed, he set her down gently. Slipping his hands beneath her shirt, he lifted it off and hissed at the sight of her tits barely contained by her lacy bra.
Lauren reached forward, grabbing the front of his pants. She wasted no time setting his cock free. As Connor stepped back from her, she took in the view as his cock bobbed and his abs flexed when he pulled his shirt over his head.
He watched her like a lion stalking his prey as she stood up to shimmy out of her jeans, pulling her panties off with them.
As he moved closer to her again, she anticipated his cock finding its way inside her pussy. He leaned against her and used his hands to gently urge her back onto the bed. She waited anxiously—expecting Connor climb onto the bed with her and bury himself to the hilt. Instead, he fell to his knees, spread her legs wide, and buried his tongue inside her pussy, catching her off guard.  His thumb rubbed against her clit as her eyes snapped shut, and a sweet gasp echoed from her lips. One hand moved up, finding its way under her bra to tweak her nipple. She was about to come when Connor stopped suddenly.
Opening her eyes, she started to protest until she noticed Connor stroking his length. She swallowed hard, imagining taking him in her mouth.
“Scoot back,” he ordered. She followed his command, and he rewarded her by joining her on the bed. “I need to fuck you, Lauren.”   
She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him toward her.
He gripped his cock, coating it in her wetness before finally sliding home. Seated deep inside her, he stilled and took deep breath before slowly moving his cock in and out of her, over and over again. He took his time torturing her with pleasure, pushing her right to the brink before pausing long enough for her impending orgasm to back away, only to work her body into a frenzy all over again.
When he could no longer hold off his own orgasm, he slid a hand between them, teasing her clit. Her back arched off the bed as her body exploded, her pussy clamping down on his cock. His name rang out from her lips as his own release found him. Growling, he emptied himself deep inside of her.

About The Author
Aubree Valentine is stay-at-home mom to boy/girl twins, married to her high school sweetheart and avid believer in fairy tales.

When she's not busy chasing her kids or her fur babies she can be found curled up with a good book or writing.

She got her start in the Indie community as a PA for a handful of other fabulous authors. Working behind the scenes fueled her desire to publish her own work.

She's a die hard Tennessee Titans fan even though she resides in Pennsylvania and her hubs roots for the Baltimore Ravens.


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