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~Release Blitz~ My Holiday Secret by Jackson Kane and Roxy Sinclaire

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My Holiday Secret by Jackson Kane and Roxy Sinclaire

Genre: Romantic Comedy Publication Date: December 20, 2016 BUY NOW (FREE ON KU) For a limited time BOTH books in Jackson's Billionaire Romance series are included! AMAZON add-to-goodreads-button
He's my holiday secret... and if anyone finds out, I'm screwed
I did everything I could to get away from my family, but somehow, I've let my sister drag me home for the holidays. Now that I'm back, everyone expects to finally meet my fiance. The only problem is I don't have one... he dumped me, and they have no clue. I can't let them find out I'm single. Luckily, after a one night stand with a bad boy bouncer—the chiseled and grizzled Vance Mathis—I've got a plan: Hire him to be my fiance for the family Christmas party. When he pulls that mistletoe out of his pocket I know he's only looking to jingle my bells. Even so... it's getting harder and harder to keep my hands off of him. I only wanted him to play pretend, but after our not-so-silent night together... I'm starting to want something real



“Holy fuck!” Jan scoffed and grabbed me by the shoulders. “You didn't tell them, did you? That's all Mom and Dad have been talking about this past week. They were going to finally meet your fiancé.” Chris had a staunch, no social media condition for us to date so none of my family had ever met or even seen him. They only knew him from what I told them. Well with the exception of Jan, who flew out to visit me last year. She wasn't impressed with Chris. “You know how they are!” Our parents were extremely overbearing, judgmental, and controlling. It was why I fled across the country after college. “You know they wouldn't have approved, just like all my other boyfriends.” “That's because you're Daddy's little angel.” Jan slapped her hands together in mock prayer. “Of course no one is going to be good enough for you.” I laughed. “And Mom?” Jan put the back of her fist on her forehead and extended her pointer and pinky finger. It was the devil horns symbol. I laughed again, this time so hard I nearly fell over. Dad was overbearing, but Mom was just kind of a bitch. "So what are you going to do?” Jan asked. “Argh! I don't know.” I put my head on her shoulder and whined like I would only do with my sister. “Tell them the truth, I guess.” “Are you crazy! You're just going to waste the perfect opportunity?” “What?” I asked, getting a terrible feeling she was going to do something...Jan-like. “I have an idea. Come on!” Jan grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the bar and into the sea of sweaty, bouncing people. “We're going to find you a new Chris!” “I'm not going to find a new fiancé at a shitty nightclub.” I protested over the booming music, which got louder as she dragged me further into the dance floor. “This isn't exactly my scene. None of these guys are my type.” There was nothing I could do but pout. When Jan got something into her head, she was like a force of nature. No one could stop her. It was one of the many reasons I used to look up to my sister so much. That, and her infectious personality. “That's exactly the point, your highness. We're going to find you someone, they'll absolutely hate. That way they'll never give you shit about anyone else you date. Think of this as the sacrificial lamb.” Jan cackled maniacally. It was a ridiculously, stupid plan, but I was drunk enough to humor her. Although, getting my parents off my back about finding a nice boy for a few years was a nice thought. Even if it was far-fetched fantasy. Jan spent the next hour dragging me around to cute, edgy-looking guys that my parents would immediately dislike. It was fun. Mostly it was just dancing and speculating. I didn't have the guts to talk to half of them. It became a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill to us. It felt good to just cut loose and dance with my sister. We flailed and twisted to our own rhythm, and soon enough the rest of our party found us. We danced as one big clumsy mess, and we loved it. Drinks somehow magically appeared, and a few of the girls broke off to either dance with themselves or with some of the men that seemed to be everywhere. “What about him?” Jan yelled in my ear. She pointed toward the far end of the bar, dumping half of her cocktail on the floor. When I saw the giant of a man she was pointing to, my lips and throat went dry. He was at least six feet tall, with long hair and a full beard. With his gigantic arms crossed across his tree trunk-like chest, he leaned against the bar and scanned the room for unruly patrons. The guy looked like a lumberjack crossed with a professional wrestler, and he exuded a "don't fuck with me" vibe that made my whole body shiver. “The bouncer?” I scoffed, sipping the drink I'd been nursing. God...the things a man like that could do to me. My skin started tingling at the thought of him holding me down and having his way with me. I'd never had a dominant boyfriend. I could only imagine what that loss of control must feel like. “Never mind!” Jan laughed, struggling to keep her eyes open. She'd drank probably twice as much as I did. I had no idea how she was still standing. “There's no way Mom would buy you landing a guy like him.” I immediately felt indignant. I could get a guy like him if I wanted to!
Then Mr. Tall, Dark and Dangerous' scan settled on me. The corner of his mouth dragged up in a sexy smirk as if he knew I was talking about him. My heart stopped, and I gasped before I could snap my gaze away. I felt like I could've watched this all day, and maybe I would have if he hadn't glanced in my direction. His smile faded as he raised an eyebrow at me, questioningly. The look put me back on my heels.




Jackson Kane

I'm a bad boy, an adventurer, a romance author and above all else a hopeless romantic. I've been all around the world and met tons of amazing people and you know what I've found? I love readers the most. Books open our minds, make us feel things we never thought possible. You might not be able to travel the world, but that's why I'm here. In my books, you'll meet my friends, lovers and all the wonderful people that inspire me every day and make life worth living. I'll show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy. Come with me and read dangerously. My name’s Jackson Kane and I write romance that’ll make you sweat.

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