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~Release Blitz~ The Awakening by Riley Edwards

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Title: The Awakening
Author: Riley Edwards
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: January 3rd 2017
A relationship between a Master and His submissive is a fervent, empowering, and freeing journey. One that is born of deep yearning. Her submission is my addiction. From the first time she cast her eyes downward she ignited something I long ago buried; soul deep need. The need to control her- dominate her every breath - Master her body and own her desire. 
My life was colorless, bland, tasteless. I wore my well-deserved guilt like a badge of honor, hiding behind the thick walls I built, never allowing anyone close. Then she walked back into my life. She was too innocent, too pure, too good for the man I had become. Every part of me was screaming to let her walk away, not tarnish her perfection. 
I am the Master, she is my treasured submissive. This is the story of how I found my salvation in her submission.
** Warning** This book contains strong language and explicit sexual content. Please be advised BDSM themes including - Dominance, bondage, punishment, and Master and submissive. * ENJOY!

Chapter one of Awakening - A Master and His Submissive.
Available now http://amzn.to/2gJUCyf


“Knock, knock.”

I was so engrossed in the stack of membership applications laid out in front of me that I barely heard her soft voice over the pounding bass from the club downstairs. When I looked up I almost didn’t recognize the beautiful young woman standing in the doorway of my office.

“Marissa?” I asked, standing up from my desk.

“Surprise! Melissa told me you were up here and said it would be okay if I came in to say hello. The security guard let me up. I hope that is okay,” Marissa said as she stepped into my office.

Holy fuck, my baby sister’s childhood best friend was all grown up. Her long, thin legs were encased in a pair of tight denim jeans. Her loose, flowy cream top fell just above the waist band of said, sexy-as-hell jeans, teasing me with the sexiest little sliver of creamy, pale skin. My cock twitched in my slacks, surprising the hell out of me. I tried my hardest to recall the last time I had seen her, but I was coming up blank.

I blinked a few times and tried to clear my vision. What the hell was wrong with me? I was a thirty-eight-year old man who owned one of the hottest nightclubs in the city. Why was I fighting an erection from seeing the smallest amount of flesh? I had half naked women throwing themselves at me every night; begging me really.

“Where are my manners? Please come in.” I walked around my desk to greet her properly.

Before I knew what was happening, her slender arms were wrapped around my waist and she was burrowing in under my chin, squeezing me tightly. How long had it been since a woman touched me freely, without my permission? When the shock of her touch wore off I wrapped my arms around her and returned the hug. Then it hit me. Her smell. A flood of memories rushed me. I inhaled deeply, taking in the coconut scent of her hair. I had associated that smell with Marissa since she was a scrawny little teenager, but the woman in my arms was no longer a kid. My body was reacting to the woman she had become.

She was stunningly beautiful. Long chestnut hair that would be perfect to slide my fingers through, wrap around my fist, and twist until tears sprang from her eyes. I felt myself starting to lengthen and harden at the thought of her begging me to loosen my grip as I fed her my… what the fuck was I thinking? This is not some woman I could take or use. This was my sister’s best friend.

I cleared my throat and prayed to God my voice did not give away my current state of arousal. “How long are you visiting for?” I asked.

She pulled away from my chest and smiled up at me. A smile that hit me straight in the gut, a bright and sweet smile. A smile that was so full of youthful innocence. A smile that was throwing up warning signs all over the place. I was suckered in by an innocent smile once. A smile that promised to be sweet and sexy, but instead was sour and cold. I would never make that mistake again.

“Mel didn’t tell you? I moved back.” Marissa had a hopeful look on her face. A look I didn’t quite understand.

©2016 Riley Edwards
For the FULL first chapter - www.scriptum-press.com "Members only" Tab will get you there.
Available now http://amzn.to/2gJUCyf

99c Companion Novella
I tried to come up with some interesting stuff about myself you would like to know. You know some witty funny stuff that would make me sound fab-u-lous but alas I am boring. Just an FYI, nothing will depress you faster than that realization. A regular mom of four. My two eldest are in the military. #Go Navy! #Army Strong! A regular wife to an extraordinary man! I now live on the East coast but long for the days of my youth running around the beaches of Southern Cali where I grew up. 

A close friend recently described me as, and I quote, “You are annoying, brash, sexy, loud, boobed, beautiful, needy, supportive, wonderful, interesting, aggressive, and fun. All to varying degrees throughout each and every day.”


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