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Review: Compromising Positions by Mary Whitney

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Genre: Adult Romance


We weren’t supposed to be friends. We weren’t even supposed to like each other. 
I’m Michael Grath. I’ll admit I was elected to Congress on my Republican family history. I was out to make
a name for myself, until I met Jessie Clark, a spitfire Democrat.
She’d be my nemesis, if I could just stop thinking about her. We’ve got nothing and everything in common, and one big issue that divides us. All of this is going to land us in more than one compromising position.
And like I said, we weren’t supposed to be friends, we weren’t even supposed to like each other, and we certainly weren’t supposed to fall in love.

My Review:


I was provided with an ARC from the author. Thank you, Mary Whitney. 

This was my first time reading a book about politics, but none the less, I liked the book. Even though I gave it 3 out 5. I wanted more, what happened with Michael and Jessie, I will not say what I want to know, because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. It was nice to read the story from Michael and Jessie’s POV(I did love the name of Jessie's cat, Harry Potters will understand!), because not only we see the problem from one person, we got to see it from both of them. Even though I am not big in politics, I found myself relating a little bit to Michael and Jessie. It was nice to see an author write about issues that are really going on right now in the world, and not afraid to give opinions on each side of the situation. 

This book really shows that you can become friends or date someone that may not have the same views as you, and that it’s okay. Again, I will say that I did like this book, there was some romance, funny. You cannot help but falling for Michael, he is like all the American guy. He can have fun, but also be serious when he needs too. If he really cares about something, he will stick up for that thing, and doesn’t care what other people think(you will know what I mean when you read the book lol J ). Jessie, rocks! She is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, she works in the “world” where guys think they “rule”, I give her credit for standing her grounds, she is a smart woman, doesn’t take crap from anyone. 

One last thing, when this book comes out, go buy a copy and enjoy this book!

I give it: 
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